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Fleur Mini Hairclip

Fleur Mini Hairclip

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The Fleur Mini Hairclip is a delightful embodiment of grace and style. Available in four enchanting colors, this petite accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday elegance. The charming floral details not only add a touch of whimsy but also wink at the brand's aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of nature-inspired beauty.

Each Fleur Mini Hairclip boasts meticulously crafted flowers that not only serve as a functional accessory but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. The diverse color palette ensures versatility, allowing you to effortlessly match or contrast with your outfits.

Let the Fleur Mini Hairclip be your daily companion, adding a subtle yet distinct floral flourish to your hairstyle. Elevate your look with this charming accessory that effortlessly embodies the essence of the brand's style, where every petal is a nod to the beauty of nature and a statement of refined fashion.

Please note that accessories are *not* handmade. They are however a specially curated collection to suit CH Design.

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