About Charlotte

I have always been creative. As a child, I drew, made jewelry, and sewed my own designs. Originally, I wanted to become a fashion designer, but after studying Fashion Design for one year in Amsterdam, I figured out that it wasn't for me. Still wanting to be creative, I opted for a study that was a bit more general. After 4 years of working hard at creating different branding, campaigns, concepts and collections, I graduated from Academie Artemis with a Bachelor of Arts. During my study, I was always somehow involved with the fashion industry; I worked in luxury retail, was a freelance stylist, and even modeled from time to time. 

I draw my inspiration from fashion, and also my own life experience. I've lived in 7 different countries, and like to draw inspiration from those places.

Shortly after, a second lockdown in The Netherlands was put in place, I became unemployed. With so much time, I finally decided to get back in to doing something creative. I discovered the art of resin online, and immediately knew I had to try it. After making some extremely mediocre keychains, I became motivated to create more and improve my craft. After creating these rose petal keychains, I had a vision; the vision for CH Design. I worked hard at creating new products and my branding, and of course, starting my very own webshop.

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